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Request a Review

Request a Review
A request for review can only be accepted after an application for access to information has been made to a municipality, public body or local public body in accordance with the legislation.
When to Request a Review
There are a number of reasons why you might decide to request a review:
  1. access has been denied to some or all of the information you requested and you disagree with the reasons given by the public body;
  2. you have been told 'no records exist' and you don't agree;
  3. you do not agree with the amount of the fees being charged;
  4. you did not receive a response to your request for information within the 30 day time limit;
  5. you have been advised that an extension of the 30-day time period is required and you do not agree with the reason for the extension;
  6. your request for correction of personal information has been denied; or
  7. someone has requested your personal information or information in which you have an interest, the public body has decided to release this information and you disagree with the decision.

The review process is uncomplicated; reviews may be sent to the Information and Privacy Commissioner on a prescribed form or by letter.

If the person who applied for access to information seeks a review, such a request must be made within sixty days after the applicant is notified of the decision. If someone else applied for access to information and you are a third party to that information, you have 20 days from receiving notice of a decision to which you object to request a review. 
To request a review you must:
  1. Inform the OIPC of your intention to request a review. This must be done in writing either by (Form 8) or by letter. Be sure to include all relevant information, such as the name of the public body and the date of the public body's decision.
  2. Include a copy of the public body's decision.
  3. A copy of the original access request and decision letter should also be included, if available.
  4. Include your address and telephone number so the staff of the Review Office can contact you.

More information is available on accessing information and requesting a review in the frequently asked questions section of this site.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding freedom of information or protection of privacy or the review process, please contact us.
Please send review requests to:
Information and Privacy Commissioner for Nova Scotia
PO Box 181
Halifax, NS B3J 2M4